Welcome to the new sponsor an office dog

We’re thrilled to send news of the brand new website rescuedogs.co.uk. We’ve known the owner Lee for a long time and his team do an amazing job – taking in dogs that need help from all over in Portugal and finding them new forever homes with families both in Portugal and the UK.

Pebbles the dog from Benafim dog rescue

Obviously with the lockdown and Coronavirus times are incredibly hard for animal shelters. Sending animals across borders is difficult due to the travel restrictions but they are still working hard to keep the dogs safe and well until things open up again.

We’d love to adopt a dog ourselves but our office pup Bon Bon is a handful. Perhaps when she calms down in a year or so we’ll consider bringing a rescue dog to onto the team.

Good luck with the new site guys, we hope it goes well and wish you all the best

Best wishes from the team here at mega.co.uk and a few extra woof’s for luck from our office dog Bon Bon!!